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Proceedings A Novel Approach to Cartoon Style Rendering of an Image with an Approximated Crayon Texture

Author(s): Priti Sehgal, P. S. Grover.
Proceedings: International Conference on Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization (CGIV'04), pp. 82--88, July, 2004.
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In this paper we present an efficient approach to cartoon style rendering of an image with an approximated crayon texture. The algorithm generates a crayon texture map, with two crayon textures (illuminated color texture and shadowed color texture) combined into one. The crayon texture is generated using crayon stroke generation technique. The texture is then mapped onto the image in cartoon style using per-vertex mapping concept. This algorithm results in an improved transition boundary between the two texture colors, comparable to the normal cartoon shaded image without crayon texture. If the image generated by this algorithm is animated, then the transition boundary would move logically with the object as compared to our earlier algorithm (described in the text), where transition boundary changed drastically with slight movement of an object in the image. The present approach can be used to generate variations in cartoon shading easily and efficiently. We have also attempted to approximate the effect of distribution of wax in the resulting image.

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