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Proceedings Illustrative Visualization of 3D City Models

Author(s): Jürgen Döllner, Henrik Buchholz, Marc Nienhaus, Florian Kirsch.
Proceedings: Proceedings of SPIE - Visualization and Data Analysis (VDA 2005), San Jose, CA, USA, 2005.
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The paper presents an illustrative visualization technique that provides expressive representations of large-scale 3D city models, inspired by the tradition of artistic and cartographic visualizations typically found in bird’s-eye view maps and panoramic maps. First, a collection of city model components is defined. Secondly, a real-time multi-pass rendering algorithm is described that achieves comprehensible, abstract 3D city model depictions based on edge enhancement, color-based and shadow-based depth cues, and procedural facade texturing. The illustrative visualization provides an effective visual interface to urban spatial information and associated thematic information in a way that is complementary to visual interfaces based on the Virtual Reality paradigm, offering a huge potential for graphics design. Primary application areas include city and landscape planning, cartoon worlds in computer games, and tourist information systems.

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