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Article Interactive color palette tools

Author(s): Barbara J. Meier, Anne Morgan Spalter, David B. Karelitz.
Article: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol. 3, No. 24, pp. 64--72, 2004.
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Color is one of the basic building blocks of image creation, yet many computer-based methods for selecting and working with colors remain unchanged from the time of their invention two decades ago. Although some advanced color tools are available for specific tasks, such as color correction, virtually none exist to help users select a set of colors and work with them effectively. The barriers to developing useful color tools are significant. Color is subjective—culture, prevailing fashions, and individual preference can all affect the perceived quality of a color decision.1,2 Because no agreedon syntax exists, as with text, a "color spellchecker" isn’t possible. In addition, color is an unusually interdisciplinary field and requires a challenging integration of concepts from diverse areas.

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