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Article A Directional Stroke Generation Algorithm for Painterly Rendering

Author(s): Jeong Seob Cha, Young Sup Park, Kyung Hyun Yoon.
Article: LNCS 2669, May, 2003.
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This paper presents a brush stroke direction creation method to distill painterly expressions from picture images. In actual paintings, each brush stroke has the same directionality in one segmented area, but directionality changes in the area of image border edges. This study employed the following methods to implement the directionality of the brush stroke area by: (1) detecting edge in input images, (2) region splitting and merging based on quad-tree division method, and (3) composing a direction map to create brush strokes with the same directionality in the segmented area. The results of the implementation enabled the simulation of the directionality of the stroke area shown in actual paintings.

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