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Article A Study on the Dynamic Painterly Stroke Generation for 3D Animation

Author(s): Hyo Keun Lee, Young Sup Park, Kyung Hyun Yoon.
Article: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 2669, pp. 317--325, May, 2003.
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We present a technique that provides a frame-to-frame coherence in 3D non-photorealistic animations. It is considered a very important sub ject for non-photorealistic animations to maintain frame-toframe coherence so that the resulting frames do not randomly change every frame. We maintain coherence by using 3D particle systems. Each particle means a brush stroke in the resulting image. Since we have located particles on the ob ject's surface, the coherence is maintained when the ob ject or camera is moving in the scene. Of course, the coherence is maintained when camera is zooming in/out. However, the brush strokes on the surface also zoom in/out. This result in too large or too small brush strokes that are not considered hand-crafted brush strokes. Meanwhile, frame-to-frame coherence can be preserved during camera zoom in/out by dynamically managing the number of brush stroke and maintaining its size.

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