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Technical Report Paint

Author(s): Alvy Ray Smith.
Technical Report: Computer Graphics Lab, New York Institute of Technology, No. Technical Memo 7, 20 Jul, 1978.
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Paint is a menu-driven computer program for handpainting two-dimensional images in full color. It is a highly interactive software package with which a human artist may employ the power of a digital computer to compose paintings which are entirely of his own creation. The "canvas" is actually a large piece of digital computer memory which is displayed for the artist on a conventional color television monitor. His "brush" is an electronic stylus resembling an ordinary pen. Its shape can be any two-dimensional shape he desires, so long as it fits into the canvas memory space. He may choose any color he desires from a "palette" of 256 colors. If this is an inadequate selection, he may mix his own set of colors from a vast set of possibilities. The main purpose of this paper is to describe in detail how an artist accomplishes these acts and what his choices are.

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