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Proceedings A Versatile Interactive 3D Brush Model

Author(s): William Baxter, Ming C. Lin.
Proceedings: 12th Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications (PG'04), October, 2004.
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We present a flexible modeling approach capable of realistically simulating many varieties of brushes commonly used in painting. Our geometric model of brush heads is a combination of subdivision surfaces and hundreds of individual bristles represented by thin polygonal strips. We exploit bristle-to-bristle coherence, simulating only a fraction of the bristles and using interpolation for the remainder. Our dynamic model incorporates realistic physically-based deformation, including anisotropic friction, brush plasticity, and tip spreading. We use an energy minimization framework with a novel geometric representation of the brush head to generate a wider variety of brushes. Finally, we have developed an improved haptic model that provides realistic force feedback, directly related to the results of the brush dynamic simulation. Using this model, we are able to simulate a wide range of brush styles and create an excellent variety of strokes such as the crisp, curvy strokes of Western decorative painting, or rough scratchy strokes like certain Oriental calligraphy. We have also developed an exporter for a popular free 3D modeling package that makes it easier for non-programmers to create any desired style of brush, real or fanciful.

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