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Proceedings Video Mosaics

Author(s): Allison W. Klein, Tyler Grant, Adam Finkelstein, Michael F. Cohen.
Proceedings: NPAR 2002: Second International Symposium on Non Photorealistic Rendering, pp. 21--28, June, 2002.
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We present a method for creating a video mosaic, a two dimensional arrangement of small source videos (tiles) that suggests a larger, unified target video. We develop a distance measure to assess the match between source and target based on average color and also three-dimensional wavelet decomposition signatures in the YIQ color space. We also introduce a dynamic programming algorithm that automatically chooses the smaller tiling sub-sequences from a large collection of candidate source video sequences to best match the target video. After the selection process, the color in the tiling videos is automatically adjusted to better suggest the target video. Finally, our method also supports the use of different tiling shapes to create an additional level of visual interest.

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