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Proceedings User-Guided Composition Effects for Art-Based Rendering

Author(s): Michael A. Kowalski, John F. Hughes, Cynthia Beth Rubin, Jun Ohya.
Proceedings: 2001 ACM Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics, 2001.
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We apply simple techniques from traditional artistic composition to the art-based rendering of interactive 3D scenes. A human scenemodeler makes choices about composition in a scene and our system dynamically adjusts the rendering attributes of objects in the scene to achieve the desired effects for a given view. We can selectively group scene elements through shared tone, color, and outline, so as to simplify and structure an image. This can be used, together with controlled level of detail, to emphasize important objects. Finally, we show a technique for adaptively changing color or other attributes to control the contrast of adjacent elements in the picture. We also briefly discuss ideas about larger-scale compositional issues.

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