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Proceedings Tour Into the Picture using a Vanishing Line and its Extension to Panoramic Images

Author(s): Hyung Woo Kang, Soon Hyoung Pyo, Ken Anjyo, Sung Yong Shin.
Proceedings: EUROGRAPHICS 2001, 2001.
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Tour into the picture (TIP) proposed by Horry et al.13 is a method for generating a sequence of walk-through images from a single reference picture (or image). By navigating a 3D scene model constructed from the picture, TIP produces convincing 3D effects. Assuming that the picture has one vanishing point, they proposed the scene modeling scheme called spidery mesh. However, this scheme has to go through major modification when the picture contains multiple vanishing points or does not have any well-defined vanishing point. Moreover, the spidery mesh is hard to generalize for other types of images such as panoramic images. In this paper, we propose a new scheme for TIP which is based on a single vanishing line instead of a vanishing point. Based on projective geometry, our scheme is simple and yet general enough to address the problems faced with the previous method. We also show that our scheme can be naturally extended to a panoramic image.

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