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Proceedings TicTacToon: A Paperless System for Professional 2D Animation

Author(s): Jean-Daniel Fekete, Erick Bizouarn, Eric Cournarie, Thierry Galas, Frederic Taillefer.
Proceedings: SIGGRAPH '95: Proceedings of the 22nd annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques, pp. 79--90, New York, NY, USA, ACM Press, 1995.
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TicTacToon is a system for professional 2D animation studios that replaces the traditional paper-based production process. TicTacToon is the first animation systemto use vector-based sketching and painting: it uses an original method to transform a pen trajectory with varying pressure into a stroke of varying thickness, in realtime. TicTacToon provides resolution independence, a virtually infinite number of layers, the ability to dynamicallymanage perspective and sophisticated support for reuse of drawings. Other innovations include replacementof the rostrummodelwith a 3Dmodel and integration into the overall 2D animation production process. TicTacToon is in daily use by 2D animation studios for a wide range of productions, from commercials to television series and even a feature film. The user interface enables professionals to sketch and draw as they do on paper. Over 100 professional animators have used the system over a period of two years and most need less than an hour before beginning productive work. TicTacToon eliminates most tedious tasks and frees professional animators for more creative work.

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