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Proceedings The Droplet Virtual Brush for Chinese Calligraphic Character Modeling

Author(s): Xiaofeng Mi, Jie Xu, Min Tang, Jinxiang Dong.
Proceedings: Proceedings of the Sixth IEEE Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV'02), 2002.
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This paper proposes a virtual brush model based on droplet operation and its application on retrieving character outlines and character modeling in Chinese calligraphy style. In the proposed approach, a virtual brush model based on droplet operation is applied to produce vivid character outlines. The droplet model helps to compute stroke area with well-defined geometry information and leads to the feasibility to retrieve the outlines of characters with well-defined geometry representation. Further more, the variations of the model can express various Chinese brush styles, so by using the droplet model, we successfully overcome the poor expressive ability of the previous curve-offset method. The complex evaluation of stroke area based on physical solid-model brush is also eliminated since the simplicity of the model.

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