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Proceedings Sketchy drawings: a hardware-accelerated approach for real-time non-photorealistic rendering

Author(s): Marc Nienhaus, Jürgen Döllner.
Proceedings: SIGGRAPH 2003 conference on Sketches & applications, 2003.
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In Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR), sketchy drawings are essential to visually communicate and illustrate drafts and ideas, for instance, in architectural or product design. However, current hardware-accelerated, real-time rendering techniques do not concentrate on sketchy drawings of arbitrary 3D scene geometries. We present an image-space rendering technique that uses today’s texture mapping and fragment shading hardware to generate sketchy drawings of arbitrary 3D scene geometry in real-time. We stress sketchiness in our drawings by simulating uncertainty. For simulating uncertainty we have to adjust visibility information using depth sprites, which allow us depth testing and 3D scene composition.

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