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Proceedings Painterly Rendering using Image Salience

Author(s): John P. Collomosse, Peter M. Hall.
Proceedings: 20th Eurographics UK Conference, pp. 122-128, Leicester, UK, June 11 - 13, De Montfort University, 2002.
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The contribution of this paper is a novel nonphotorealistic rendering (NPR) technique, capable of producing an artificial ‘hand-painted ’effect on 2Dimage, such as photographs. Our method require no user interaction, and make use of image salience and gradient information to determine the implicit ordering and attributes of individual brush strokes. The benefit of our technique are complete automation, and mitigation against the loss of image detail during painting. Strokes from lower salience regions of the image do not encroach upon higher salience regions; this can occur with some existing painting methods. We describe our algorithm in detail, and illustrate its application with a gallery of images.

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