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Proceedings "Nijimi" Rendering Algorithm for Creating Quality Black Ink Paintings

Author(s): Qinglian Guo, Tosiyasu L. Kunii.
Proceedings: Computer Graphics International (CGI'03), pp. 152, Tokyo, Japan, July 09 - 11, 2003.
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The paper presents an interactive painting system for generating high quality and artistic calligraphy characters and black ink paintings. The system is based on our original algorithm that is unique in physically simulating the dynamic diffusion of liquid ink into absorbent painting paper. The algorithm creates remarkably realistic strokes efficiently. For rendering 20 strokes in different size, it takes only 30 seconds on a personal computer, fast enough for interactive performance. By using this system, the users can create realistic strokes with delicate "nijimi"-rendering, "kasure"-rendering effects, which are essential to black ink painting and modern calligraphy.

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