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Proceedings Interactive Pen-and-Ink Illustration

Author(s): Michael P. Salisbury, Sean E. Anderson, Ronen Barzel, David H. Salesin.
Proceedings: SIGGRAPH 94 Conference Proceedings, pp. 101--108, July, 1994.
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We present an interactive system for creating pen-and-ink illustrations. The system uses stroke textures—collections of strokes arranged in different patterns—to generate texture and tone. The user “paints” with a desired stroke texture to achieve a desired tone, and the computer draws all of the individual strokes. The system includes support for using scanned or rendered images for reference to provide the user with guides for outline and tone. By following these guides closely, the illustration system can be used for interactive digital halftoning, in which stroke textures are applied to convey details that would otherwise be lost in this blackand- white medium. By removing the burden of placing individual strokes from the user, the illustration system makes it possible to create fine stroke work with a purely mouse-based interface. Thus, this approach holds promise for bringing high-quality black-and-white illustration to the world of personal computing and desktop publishing.

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