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Proceedings DAB: Interactive Haptic Painting with 3D Virtual Brushes

Author(s): William Baxter, Vincent Scheib, Ming C. Lin, Dinesh Manocha.
Proceedings: SIGGRAPH 2001, Computer Graphics Proceedings, Eugene Fiume, pp. 461--468, ACM Press / ACM SIGGRAPH, 2001.
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We present a novel painting system with an intuitive haptic interface, which serves as an expressive vehicle for interactively creating painterly works. We introduce a deformable, 3D brush model, which gives the user natural control of complex brush strokes. The force feedback enhances the sense of realism and provides tactile cues that enable the user to better manipulate the paint brush. We have also developed a bidirectional, two-layer paint model that, combined with a palette interface, enables easy loading of complex blends onto our 3D virtual brushes to generate interesting paint effects on the canvas. The resulting system, DAB, provides the user with an artistic setting, which is conceptually equivalent to a real-world painting environment. Several users have tested DAB and were able to start creating original art work within minutes.

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