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Proceedings A new form of traditional art: visual simulation of Chinese shadow play

Author(s): Yi-Bo Zhu, Chen-Jia Li, I. Fan Shen, Kwan-Liu Ma, Aleksander Stompel.
Proceedings: SIGGRAPH 2003, Sketches & applications, 2003.
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This sketch presents a set of techniques developed for the simulation of Chinese Shadow Play. The objective is to turn traditional shadow shows into electronic forms such that they become more accessible and be preserved. Computer models of the puppets are created in a semiautomatic process. To correctly capture the gleaming shadowing effect, a rendering technique based on the photon mapping method [Jensen 2001] has been developed. Our initial effort has resulted in an animation that is composed of excerpts of a famous Chinese folk story. In the animation, lighting effects and delicate motions close to a real show are featured.

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