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Proceedings Animatope: A Manga-Styled Animation Expression Toolkit

Author(s): Asuka Tohda, Sho Hasegawa, Masa Inakage.
Proceedings: Eurographics 2003, 2003.
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Manga, a Japanese comic style, is becoming widely accepted within comic readers worldwide. In Manga, mimetic symbols and onomatopoeia symbols are heavily used to express emotions and various movements in a comic frame. In this paper, we present a toolkit named "Animatope", to emulate Manga-style symbols in a non-photorealisitc animation. Animatope transfers the Manga-sytle symbol grammar to 3D animation. We extend Manga symbols to Meta-symbols, or animated symbols, to enrich the emotional expressions and subtle behaviors. Meta-symbols are categorized into several classifications in Animatope Toolkit. Meta-symbols are controlled with basic parameters, shape of emitters, and motion handles.

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